Sunday, May 31, 2009

vacant chair on wheels, strapped in tight on bus

"Village Fest" preparations

"Village Fest" performer

Thursday night "Village Fest" Cadillac sighting

closed and padlocked hotel

preparing the land for a new development

closed and padlocked hotel

one of several in Palm Springs.

new construction, and renovation of an historic building

house, with beginning privacy hedge in front

desert Cadillac

shaded sidewalk, Downtown

another store closing

How many more vacant downtown storefronts can we endure?

Desert Cadillac I

Desert Cadillac II

Desert Cadillac III

architectural detail, La Plaza

built-in dog dish, La Plaza

It does not work, though.

a closer view

parking structure and clouds

"lawn" sign

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Desert Bonneville and a threatening encounter

I like to ride my bike around Palm Springs with my camera and take photos.  On this particular sunny, warm morning I was in the gay Warm Sands area, where I found this HOT, cherry mid-1960's Pontiac Bonneville.

Right after I took this photo, this crazy, gang-type hispanic guy (with the requisite shaved head & tattoos, looking like he just got out of prison), asked me what I was doing and to "not do that shit around here."

Around here?  What neighborhood did this gentleman think that he was in?  Warm Sands is not the ghetto, but he sure was.

I felt very threatened like he was on PCP and was about to knife me.  I distracted him and rode away.  SCARY.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Wide sidewalk, I

Wide sidewalk, II

La Plaza, Palm Springs

A true mixed-use development from--gasp!--the 1930's that mixed housing, hotel, retail, parking, a theatre and a market in one compact, central spot in Downtown Palm Springs. 
Today, the housing looks largely unoccupied, the hotel closed, the market long-gone and the theatre only open with a live show during the tourist season.  Several retail spaces, most notably a department store, are vacant--like much of Downtown Palm Springs.

La Plaza, Palm Springs

architectural detail, La Plaza

rooftop cottages, La Plaza

courtyard cottage apartments, La Plaza

Does anyone live in these?

broken fountain, La Plaza

See's Candies at La Plaza

north parking area, La Plaza

Hotel Zoso in the background.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

south parking area, La Plaza

"penthouse" above vacant retail space, La Plaza

vacant storefront windows, La Plaza

That poor, depressing space formerly occupied by Desmond's department store.  All we have are historical photos plastered on the vacant windows.  So Sad.  This would be a great spot for a gourmet grocery store.

Bungalow "apartments" at La Plaza

But are they for rent as housing?

La Plaza detail